2019 Summer Camp

Last year, in 2018, God opened an opportunity for Seeds of Promise to launch its first summer Camp for 300 kids from our surrounding communities at the farm. Now, a year later, we have completed our second annual camp. The 2019 summer Camp has been a great time for kids in the village. The kids had an opportunity to learn, interact, have fun activities and enjoy good meals. We were able to use some farm produce to prepare some meals for kids during our summer camp, like corn flour for making nsima and Sweet potatoes for breakfast. 

The theme of our Summer Camp this year was "God is good". Life is hard in the village where there is no running water, food for kids is by chance not by choice, poor Clothing, and poor thatched houses, full of diseases and sicknesses. In the midst of such situations the kids have received a message of hope that God is good and is at work restoring our four broken relationships; God with children, Children with others, Children with creation and Children with self. 

"When life is unfair God is good"

Our Summer Camp theme was inspired by First Presbyterian of Moorestown 2019 VBS series of topics on the Goodness of God. We have observed that the poverty cycle and poor social services in the community are playing a big role hindering the kids and youth to succeed in their education.  However education is one of the most powerful weapons in fighting the poverty cycle.

The kids had an opportunity to be served by our Graduate mission entrepreneurs who were camping at the farm. Our youth graduates gave themselves fully to serve the kids at the summer Camp. The parents and other traditional leaders volunteered to serve the kids and came to celebrate our camp closing day with the kids. Speaking on the closing day, Senior Traditional Leader Bingu Masanda expressed his gratitude to Seeds of Promise for giving kids an opportunity for them to learn new things and encounter God during the three weeks summer camp. The leaders promised to work together with Seeds of promise to support kids’ Education in any way they can so that the community can be transformed through Education. 

The closing day of Summer Camp was celebrated with a talent show by the kids, volunteers, and community leaders through dancing competition.  The kids had an opportunity do display what they learnt during summer camp. It was a full day that ended with soccer match; a team from Flood Church Lilongwe played against the youth from the surrounding community. There was no better way to end the fun, with the youth in the village winning the soccer game against Flood Church. 

A day like this cannot be possible without prayers, encouragement and financial support from our friends and families. Lives have been touched through your support. Thank you. 

Luwani Ghambi. 

Managing Director.

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