2019 Entrepreneurs Graduation

Dear friends,

Graduation at Seeds of Promise has become a yearly event that allows us to celebrate the gifts, talents and achievements of our Youth being mentored in Ministry and Business for life sustainability and transformation of our communities. A six month Missional entrepreneurship program run from January to July and we celebrate our youth potential and their creativity in presence of Parents, Friends and other stake holders. The theme of this year’s cerebration was More than a Dreamer. The youth were inspired not only to dream but also to live their dream daily.

Our Graduations was blessed by our Board Member Neil Singh from Canada who inspired and encouraged our emerging young entrepreneurs with his words of encouragement.

We cerebrated the lives of 26 emerging entrepreneurs who made their own beautiful graduation outfit in order to display their skills learnt during their training program. This group was unique and outstanding in its own way. It is a group of intelligent, talented, gifted and passionate young leaders with a lot of potential to live their dreams.

“Most youth would easily share their dreams but a dream remain a dream unless one puts in action.”

As they begin their journey in mission entrepreneurship, we are going to walk alongside with them to help them implement their business ideas. Our prayer is to partner with friends who can walk along side with them for mentorship and those who can provide a $200 seed capital loan for each youth to buy sewing Machine.

The Graduation took place at Flood Church Lilongwe in Malawi. We are thankful for your prayers and support for God’s work.

Luwani Ghambi

Managing Director

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